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MakerParty 2013

How to make a comic? What was the technique of Walt Disney? Can you play music using your body? How to make your own website? Can you change the page of Google? How to build a electric circuit? How to be a journalist? Help us answer some of these questions to tweens, teens, and young adults from college, the workforce, and civic participation.

Maker Party 2013 will be happening on 7th September at, Bangalore. Mark Surman, Director at Mozilla Foundation will be joining us at Maker Party We invite you to host workshops that encourage learning through experimentation, construction and creation. If you have an idea for a workshop or interested in facilitating with one of the areas, including but not limited to video, music, digital media, comics, story telling, game design, electronics, robotics, Journalism etc. at Maker Party 2013, talk to us at!


At makerparty we are going to have many interesting workshops for everyone. From creating music to directing your own movie, from designing a robot to designing webpages, there will be variety of events that will fill you up with fun!

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