Watch out Robots here!

How to "see" the robots? How to decide to stop or to twist to avoid an obstacle? How to understand that arrived to the point that they want?

To answer all these questions, you will assemble your robot and you will see how it works in practice. We plan to perform only one task, such as following a planned line to ground, and you will immediately see the result of your choices.

Workshop Partners

Redd Robotics

Redd Robotics is a tech startup providing services in the Robotics, Automation and Embedded Systems domain. On the other hand, Redd is actively working on open source mechanical platforms for different types of Robots and an open source Home Automation Project (codenamed Project SoftSwitch).

Redd Robotics will teach you the best of the current robo trends and will make you work on it together with cool mechanical stuff!

Robo ri Inventions

We are a team of wild geeks who share the roof of a junkyard (we also call it office) and an undying passion for Robotics. A company that has a somewhat unreasonable goal – To equip every Indian business, big or small, with a robot or a machine that can simplify their work. Robo-ri-Inventions work in 3 Level approach, Learn - Tinker - Innovate!

Robo ri Inventions will blow your minds with their excellency in the field of robo programming and design.

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