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Resistor + Capacitor = Voltage Regulator
Electronics TiltMe

LEDs, resistors, cables, batteries ... A sensor. Concepts encoded, words lost in kyklwtikis hyperstimulation neural network profiles or a simple creative electronic application;

Take part in a workshop designed for the robotixlab Hive, invented the inventor that you hiding inside yourself and learn the basics of an electronic circuit making the tiltMe. The tiltMe is a DIY night light to light enough not to press a switch. Improvised creatively and modified the building making it unique.

This workshop contains all the necessary parts, tools and instructions to construct and modify the tiltMe. Leaving you will get with you making that cake!

Workshop Partners


3D-ing is a part of Redd Robotics focused on bringing 3D printers and 3D printing services to the common man at affordable prices in the country. Sounds amazing? Well they will take you with more amusement on the day of workshop, stay close to them maybe they will make your 3D avatar!

Simple Labs

Simple Labs Work closely with the electronics and the components of it. They will fill you with the coolest learning about electronics upto the brink. Simple Labs work closely with electronics components that will take your fantasy.

FireFlies | Niche

FireFlies is a session on wearable technology by NICHE(New Ideas In Children's Education). In this session we will focus on showing how electronics can be used in clothing and accessories for form and function. Lighting up costumes to adding music and monitoring health, we will show how electronics can be added to wearables. The participants will get a chance to assemble their own electronic clothing.


Cycloid works in the field of 3D printing. Cycloid System has small team of like minded engineers having background various engineering branches such as Instrumentation and Control, Electronics, Mechanical, Mechatronics and Computer.

Smart Gadgets Simplified | BIBOX

Making any smart gadget of your own is a difficult and tiring job and involves understanding multiple domains like Electronics and Programming. Not anymore! This workshop will help you get into the world of Do It Yourself Gadgets and Automation's in an affordable manner. BIBOX (Brain in Box) is an easy to use programmable electronic platform. Using BIBOX you can design and build real world gadgets ranging from Robotic toys to automation of machines.


Have you heard of Nano Satellites? Want to learn the cool satellite technologies? Well we got the experts from dhruvaspace, the renowned space technology spreading firm.


Sudar Muthu

Sudar builds robots as a hobby and Arduino is his playground. Check out his hardware projects at The session will help people to build basic electronics circuits and also get an idea about Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

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