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  • X-Ray Goggles

    Learn the secrets of the Internet! Use x-ray Goggles and view what is behind every website. How it looked if you could change the page of Google with a simple click? Change of colour, characters, replaced the famous Google doodles with your favorite photos and designs.
  • Thimble

    To make your own website is easy, more than you think. Get in the Thimble and follow simple and quick instructions. Within minutes you can create your own online footprint and to become a programmer.
  • Popcorn Maker

    Why see just your favorite video on the Internet when you can very easiely to combine with other video, put your own reviews, music and whatever else you can think of? The Popcorn Maker launches new era of video editing. A time in which you can create your own video with the help of this awesome tool!
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